This month is dedicated to encouraging women to make their health and well-being a priority. Even if you do not feel sick, you should prioritize scheduling screenings with your doctor. 

In honor of Women’s Health Awareness Month, we made a list of medical screenings that we encourage women to consider. 

Cervical Cancer Screening

By the age of 21, women are encouraged to begin scheduling their routine pap smear. How often you should receive a pap smear depends on your age and medical history. 

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing will help inform you about your hereditary risk of cancer. By knowing if you are at risk for cancer, your doctor will be able to identify the problem sooner, rather than later. 


Scheduling an appointment for a mammogram will help detect breast cancer during its earliest stages. Because breast cancer makes up about 30% of all cancers in women, it is important that women prioritize a mammogram. 

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