Stones River Regional Independent Practice Association

Stones River Regional IPA is an organization of providers centered in Rutherford County that is dedicated to achieving easy access to quality medical care for the people of Rutherford County and the surrounding areas. This group coordinates managed care services on behalf of its provider members with hospitals, insurance companies, patient groups, employers, and other interested parties to provide quality medical care in a cost-efficient manner.

All Healthcare Is Local
The Stones River Regional Independent Practice Association (IPA) was founded in 1994 by a group of primary care physicians seeking to organize the best quality physician network for patients seeking care in and around Rutherford County, Tennessee. Today, the Association represents 500+ primary care & specialty care providers that deliver all of the major and minor healthcare needs of you and your family, from birth through your retirement years.

Our providers emphasize the importance of preventive medicine, encourage patients to participate in one of our many Patient Centered Medical Homes, and seek improved outcomes via wellness management. Physician-coordinated care, emanating and followed by all of our high-quality providers, is designed to get patients directly to the specialists you need when you need them.

Quality Providers
Our providers must go through an extensive credentialing process before they are admitted as members of the Stones River Regional IPA. While it is true that SRRIPA is the largest network of providers in Rutherford County, not everyone is eligible to participate. Selecting a SRRIPA provider assures you and your family will have access to the broadest and best provider network available.

Stones River IPA Providers Provide Value.
Quality Healthcare does not necessarily have to cost more. Our providers, their families, and their staff live and work in Rutherford County. We know you are concerned about the high cost of healthcare, so we never lose focus on doing the things we can to reduce costs.

  • Delivering Value
    Costs are best controlled by your provider. The biggest drivers of cost are not the fees paid to providers but the cost of drugs, diagnostic tests (when, and where they are performed), and the unnecessary duplication of diagnostics from non-coordinated providers. Many non-serious ailments can be treated by “tincture of time”, using mild inexpensive drugs and a follow-up visit if necessary. Only if those measures fail or there is some overwhelming compelling reason should powerful antibiotics and ultra-expensive diagnostic tests be ordered. Our network of quality, independent doctors knows how to tell the difference and is not under external pressure to perform unnecessary tests.
  • Delivering Value in a Physician Coordinated System
    Stones River IPA Providers work as one large team. Even though we come from many different medical professions, practicing in over 110 different independent practices, we each bring our particular areas of expertise together in a collaborative peer review group through our Patient Care Committee. The committee monitors all of our providers and acts to educate, sharing tried-and-true, as well as new and innovative ideas between practices. The result is that you and your family get the best of both worlds; the highest quality provider network delivered at the best possible value.

Not Everybody “Gets It” 
Physicians develop doctor-patient relationships that last a lifetime. We know our patients and their families, and what is best for them. Hospitals don’t admit patients, doctors do. Health plans don’t manage patients, doctors do. One of the founding principles of the Stones River IPA was that only doctors can truly control healthcare quality and costs.

Smart and savvy patients, their employers, and the health plans that have contracted with SRRIPA “get it”. And you can get it too by selecting a health plan that recognizes what we have known all along: The doctor knows best.

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