September is National Healthy Aging Month, a month set aside to highlight and observe the many topics that go along with getting older and aging healthfully. Many health care providers across the country like to use this month to discuss a variety of topics to help empower and encourage adults on the positive aspects of aging and how to age in a healthy way. Health care providers want to help their patients continue to enjoy healthy, happy lives!

As we get older there are things that we may appreciate that we didn’t necessarily care about in our youth. Along with maturity and wisdom, we also begin to possess a greater understanding of self-care and a more acute awareness of the need to take care of our bodies.

National Healthy Aging Month is a great time to remember to schedule yearly appointments like mammograms, colonoscopies, physical exams, etc. and any of the prescreenings that are advised by your primary care physician and/or specialists you routinely visit. If you have concerns with aging in a beautiful way, this is also a good time to consider seeing a dermatologist to check for skin changes and address any issues. Rutherford’s Best Doctors has a directory full of incredible dermatologists that can help with any goals you have for your skin.

Our primary care physicians, women’s specialists, urologists and other specialists at Rutherford’s Best Doctors understand your concerns about getting older and are here to help you strive to achieve your health goals as you age. If you’re new to the area or wanting to start a yearly routine of prescreenings and check ups– go to our directory at and find doctors that come with the backing of being the BEST in our county and Middle Tennessee.