For most men, going to the doctor is not a common practice. As a result, many men do not begin prioritizing their health until later in life. In honor of June being Men’s Health Awareness Month, here is a list of ways to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Exercise regularly 

We tell our kids to exercise, but we are too busy working our desk jobs to exercise ourselves. Men should do aerobic exercises at least 150 minutes a week and incorporate strength training into their routine. Physical activity will help increase testosterone levels, lower the risk of certain cancers, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Maintain a healthy diet

Your diet affects more than just your physical appearance; it affects your heart as well. Maintaining a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables is key to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Go to your cancer screenings

Men 50 years old and older should receive yearly colorectal and prostate cancer screenings. You should consider earlier and more frequent screenings if cancer runs in your family.

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