This month is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. One in four children experience problems with their vision, and an average of 3% of children will go blind or become visually impaired before 18 years old. This month, we have compiled a list of ways you can keep your child’s eyes healthy and safe.


Sunglasses may seem like an unnecessary thing for your child to wear, but they are one of the most important ways that you can protect your child’s eyes. Your child should have sunglasses that block 100% of all UV rays when outside. The sun can cause damage to your child’s eyes during any season, so sunglasses should be a top priority when outdoors.

Store dangerous objects out of your child’s reach

Unless your child has adult supervision, everyday household items such as paper clips, pencils, scissors, and bungee cords should always be kept out of your child’s reach. In addition, you should always ensure that your child does not know where items such as chemicals and sprays are kept. These items could cause severe and lifelong damage to your child’s eyesight.

Protective Glasses

More than 90% of all eye injuries are preventable if you wear protective eyewear. When your child participates in sports or shoots any recreational gun, such as paintball, nerf, or bb guns, they should always wear protective glasses. Thousands of children suffer from eye damage that could have been prevented with a pair of safety glasses.

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